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Who We Need

Welcome House Knoxville can't work without your help! There's lots of opportunities to get involved. Below is the list of ways you can volunteer with us.

Ready to help out? Contact us!

Volunteer Opportunities

Our needs are always changing, but don't let that stop you from reaching out!

The most common volunteer needs we have are described below. Contact us to get involved!

Welcome Team

Welcome team volunteers prepare for the family's arrival. Common needs and activities are greeting the family at the airport, providing a culturally appropriate welcome meal, and transporting the family to Welcome House Knoxville.


Shoppers ensure the family has adequate groceries, clothing, etc. Some tasks include stocking Welcome House Knoxville with items based on the family's cultural background, size, and arrival date, making plans to go shopping with the family, and introducing them to American stores.

General Coordinator

The general coordinator serves as a liaison between Welcome House Knoxville and the volunteers, reports to the Welcome House Knoxville director regularly on the progress of the guests and communicates all questions and concerns of guests and/or volunteers to the Welcome House Knoxville director.

Transportation Team

The transportation team helps solve the various transportation needs of the guests. Some tasks include volunteering to drive them to appointments, seeking out a donated car, or assisting them with public transportation.

Housekeeping Team

The housekeeping team works to prepare Welcome House Knoxville for a new guest's arrival, to teach them about the basic western home, and to deep-clean the house between guests.

Community Guide

Community Guides assist the guests in adjusting to life in Knoxville. Some tasks include introducing them to areas of Knoxville, assisting in various appointments, and seeking out areas of interest.

English Encouragers

It's important for our guests to build confidence through friendships. For the most part, English Encouragers just need to spend time with our guests and be willing to have conversations with them so they can practice their English and feel welcome!

Fundraising & Networking Team

Help us spread the word about Welcome House Knoxville! This team helps organize and run fundraisers as well as network with businesses and the community to spread the word about Welcome House Knoxville.

Refugee Advocates

Be a voice of hope and change for the community about refugee resettlement.

Relocation Team

The relocation team works to get the guests into more permanent housing. They may help the guests pack and move, provide a vehicle for the move, and ensure they have a proper "New Home Kit" (plates, cups, utensils, etc. for each member of the family) when they relocate to their new home.

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